Summary of their experience

We were interested in selling our home in Orlando but became quite overwhelmed by the amount of realtors and lack of knowledge that we had that encompassed the Orlando area. Bobby was referred to us by a realtor that we were working with in Colorado – selling our home in Colorado as well, and she took the time to review the referrals, make the calls and forward her professional recommendation for an agent that would represent us in a truthful and considerate manner, and she recommended Bobby hands down – we are truly glad she did. Orlando is a very competitive market for buyers and sellers (obvious reasons). Bobby did an excellent job getting to know each potential buyers – and their contingencies, and providing us with the positives and negatives of accepting certain offers. Nothing is full proof in this market and our first offer “fell through” due to a contingency that the potential buyers were not able to meet. The buyers were devastated as well as my wife and I; within a week Bobby was able to find a new buyer, at a higher selling point, and an expedited closing date. The new contract was smooth, no contingencies and I am happy to say that our home was finally sold today, thanks to Bobby – did I mention all this was done while I lived on the West Coast? Given the opportunity to purchase in the Orlando area again, I would choose Bobby to be our representative without hesitation.