Report Finds Market Ready For Home Buyers

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A new analysis from Clear Capital says this year’s housing market is primed for traditional home buyers and 2015 will see a strengthening of what has, until now, been a gradual recovery. According to the report, “2015 has the promise of a transitional year where full buyer momentum in the low and mid tiers reinforces a strong housing recovery.” In other words, price growth among the more affordable tiers of the real estate market means more first-time home buyers should be looking to buy this year, as opposed to recent years where lower priced homes were quickly purchased by investors. The analysis also says that the number of homeowners locked into underwater mortgages has been falling and, with continued price growth, fewer borrowers will be in negative equity, creating a larger percentage of move-up buyers. Improving conditions for first-time and move-up buyers means the housing recovery will be fuller and more sustainable. Following the foreclosure crisis, the top tier of the real estate market bounced back faster than homes in the middle and lower end of the market. This, and an influx of investors capitalizing on lower priced homes, drove the recovery in recent years. Now industry analysts expect a more balanced market and better conditions for traditional home buyers and sellers. More here.

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