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Welcome to the most comprehensive compiling of Central Florida New Home communities on the entire Internet. You can research the Newest Central Florida home communities 24/7 from an easy to navigate website.

So you have decided to build a new home. It is a very different process and experience compared to the alternative, buying a previously owned resale on the open market. For starters, you will be able to design everything in your home so the minute you move in it is perfect for your family. Instead of waiting for a home that fits your needs and budget to hit the open market and then making a mad dash to beat all the other buyers to the contract…you will be able to select the community, floor plan , lot and upgrades on your time table.

Even more attractive is that you will be able to plan (within reason) when you will be required to move, know the final funds to close and what your final sales price will be long before it actually happens. Compared to resale purchases, which are typically hurry up and wait game from start to finish. How do you get started with building your new home?

Well you already are a step ahead of everyone else by being on With gas prices at all time highs, this website is your best tool to search out the new communities in the areas of Orlando your family is concentrating on. Many of these communities you would not even “stumble” upon driving around, so from the comfort of your own home you can get the research done before even starting your car.

On the next page is your portal to the most comprehensive data base of all Orlando New Home Communities for sale.

What is the next step after researching the homes?

If you have not called Bobby yet, do so immediately.
VERY IMPORTANT… THE NUMBER ONE THING TO REMEMBER… it is imperative that you put Bobby Baldor on the registration card as your Realtor at FIRST contact with model sales agent. The builders
enter these cards in their database and file the original.

When it comes time to narrow it down to the perfect community the sales representative will look up your card. If Bobby Baldor is not on the card, in many cases the builder will not pay Bobby for representation.

The builders have built into their prices what they deem “a marketing fee” to cover the cost of you, the buyer , to have separate representation during the process. They will not be able to discount your price or upgrades if you do not have a Realtor, it simply is absorbed into their bottom line… leaving you without representation that was of no cost to your family. So fill out the card with Bobby Baldor on it EVERY time.