Housing Market May Be Ready To Shift Gears

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As a potential home buyer or seller, you may not think you have much interest in the economy, consumer confidence, or even the details of the housing market’s monthly ups-and-downs. However, all the moving parts of the economy affect one another and, in order to stay savvy about your next move, it’s good to keep an eye on where things are. Fannie Mae’s Economic & Strategic Research Group makes it easy by providing a monthly update on where things are and where they may be headed. According to their most recent outlook, the economy and housing market were both fairly slow to start the year but may be ready to shift gears. According to the release, “The downshift is expected to be temporary as economic fundamentals remain positive. Rising household net worth, upbeat consumer confidence, and a strong labor market have now been buoyed by legislative stimulus.” In short, the group expects that the economy will grow over the coming months, along with Americans’ economic optimism. More here.

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